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Guild Message of the Day - May 30th
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Stamus In Ignem News

By: Preacharound - April 18th

Swifty shouts out our video!

Hey guys, our Durumu kill video and Juggy's youtube channel got a shout out on Swifty's livestream! We're getting all kinds of exposure now.

Full video on his channel coming tomorrow showing the full shout out!

By: Preacharound - April 16th

Durumu Video!

Here's a video of our Durumu kill with some machinama added in by Juggy! Let us know what you think and feel free to spread this around and show everyone!

By: Preacharound - April 4th

8/12! Primordius down!

So, really guys, this was just a trash mob right? 2 shotting FTW!

By: Preacharound - April 2nd

7/12! Durumu down!

We got this copyright infringing motherfucker down finally. Fuck you blizz RNG!

By: Preacharound - March 20th

Tortos down! 4/13N!

Looks like everyone brushed up on their Mario skills because Tortos is dead! Fuck this turtle. Oh and accidental achievements are always nice.

By: Preacharound - March 7th

2/13N Horridon Down!

We're killing shit in ToT. Horridon's ugly ass is down. Lets keep this going!

By: Solanith - December 6th

Bosses in Terrace!

Hey we're killing bosses in terrace. Let's keep this shit up.

By: Ariyka - November 20th

Stamus in Ignem 2.0!

Some changes are afoot around here! With players returning and recruitment flying into high gear, Stamus is returning to a 3 night raid week.

We hope to return to the level of raiding we had in Dragon Soul, so put your awesome pants on people! Why? Why the fuck not!? 

We did it once we can do it again!

  • Lifeconsumer: pumped! lets do this
By: Solanith - July 12th

Heroic Deathwing is No More! He's Ceased to Be.

I would also like to add that the reason Heroic Gurthalak did not drop is because preach didn't want it to enough.

  • Ariyka: But we got a Heroic Maw of the Dragonlord! Moar healssssss!
  • Preacharound: Yep. I really just wanted that Maw to hand to a healer :P
  • Whoforted: Congrats everyone!
By: Solanith - May 3rd

Heroic Warmaster

Warmaster dead. In other great news the Late raid is now 3/8 heroic as well.

  • Ariyka: Look at us go! Woo! Gratz Everyone :D
  • Saitam: Grats people!

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